Hammering on Young’s Plantation

Dec 19 2010

Slave Quarters with Clapboard Siding

After working on the 1790 terrain, IRC 3D Animator Phillip Thomas is finally getting to do what he does best: modeling. He is slowly hammering his way through the more than twenty buildings that make up Notley Young’s 1790 Plantation. The images here represent only the building’s geometry.  The textures that will be applied later to all the surfaces will make them look like weathered or new wood, shingles, bricks, stone, etc.

We are relying heavily on the research of John Michael Vlach, Professor of American Studies and Anthropology at George Washington University, to determine what each building may have looked like. Vlach’s more than ten books cover numerous topics in vernacular architecture, rural landscape, African Diaspora, and American decorative arts.

Are we making mistakes?  Check out all these draft images and let us know ->

Notley Young Plantation: Carriage House Draft 2

Notley Young Plantation, Wharf, Draft 1

Notley Young Frame Barn

Notley Young Plantation, Frame Barn Draft 1

Frame Laundry or Office

Notley Young Dovecote

Notley Young Plantation, Dovecote Draft 1

Notley Young Tobacco Barn

Notley Young Plantation, Tobacco Barn Draft 1

Notley Young Plantation: Stable Draft 2

Notley Young Stable

Notley Young Plantation, Stable Draft 1


Notley Young Plantation: Long Barn Draft 2

Notley Young Frame Barn

Notley Young Plantation, Long Frame Barn, Draft 1

Notley Young Log Barn

Notley Young Plantation, Log Barn, Draft 1

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