Just Two Centuries Later…

Jun 11 2011

SouthWest Freeway and 9th Street

We were down in SW Washington DC at Benjamin Banneker Park and L’Enfant Plaza last week and positioned the camera where there would be a good contrast between 1790 and 2011 views.  The above one will hopefully work well.  The driveway and entrance to Notley Young’s mansion went diagonally directly across this area of the SouthWest Freeway at 9th Street, SW.  When we finish modeling this area as it may have appeared in 1790 , we will combine it with this contemporary image. This will build on some initial tests we showcased in an earlier post, Test 1: Young’s Plantation in Today’s Landscape. Should be fun.

Click here to see an image of Young’s Plantation overlaid on Google’s contemporary street map.

If you are new to this website and subject matter, reading some earlier posts about this particular effort will put this panorama and description into context. At the 360cities.net website that hosts the panorama (click the caption) you can bring up an accurate map of where the panorama is located and what direction you are looking (tab on left side of image).

2 Responses to “Just Two Centuries Later…”

  1. Gail Valenti July 17, 2011 at 8:18 pm #

    My father and I are thoroughly enjoying your project. Notley Young was my 5th great grandfather. I’ve done years of research and haven’t found more than George Henning’s description of the mansion house and the King maps. So, it’s quite a treat to have you bringing Notley’s plantation to life!

    Thank you for all of your work! We’re looking forward to your next update.

    Gail Valenti

    • Dan Bailey July 18, 2011 at 9:55 am #

      We are very pleased that you have enjoyed the project, especially because you can take something personal away from it. We are hoping to have some final images up within the next month. Thank you for commenting – It’s always very exciting for us to hear from descendants of Notley Young!