1790 Young Plantation Model

Aug 22 2011

This is a rendered view of the model for the 1790 Notley Young Plantation that we used for our tests.  It is far from complete, but it’s a good representation of how the plantation may have looked.  More importantly, it provides a range of possibilities and challenges for how best to present this data in different venues.

This image also shows more detail of the southern end of the plantation where the slaves lived and many of the barns stood.   It is difficult to show this southern area in the “then and now” panoramas, because this area is now covered with large office, professional, and school buildings. Click the image or here for a high resolution image.

For those interested, we have labeled parts of the plantation based on the descriptions on the two King Plats that were used for creating the buildings.  Obviously, in terms of details and landscape much should be added.  There would have been more crops, tobacco, grass, pastures and trees.  There would be more livestock and all the paraphernalia for farming scattered about.  The shore of the river would be tidal wetlands with washed up logs and trees.  This model already represents a good amount of conjecture on our part, and adding in more details will only continue to require more scholarship and conjecture.


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