Wrapping Up Young’s Plantation

Aug 22 2011

This post represents the conclusion of our pilot phase of visualizing Notley Young’s plantation in 1790.   If you are new to this site, you can follow our progress by reading back through the posts.  To immediately see our tests, you can start with this “then and now” panorama of the Plantation as seen from the Southeast Freeway Bridge.  Click the image or here.

Take full advantage of the mapping and linking that the host site, 360cities.net, offers for each panorama.  You can quickly see where you are standing and observe what direction you are looking.  There are a total of four panoramas, which are all interlinked.  There is an earlier post that describes each one in detail. Young’s plantation was selected because there was a good bit of information that was readily available. Also, the plantation covered a large section of the city and would have been readily visible from all major city locations: White House, US Capitol, Georgetown, Alexandria, etc.  More importantly, by chance, much of this area was turned into the Benjamin Banneker Park in the mid-20th century.  This afforded us the opportunity to photograph the contemporary landscape and combine it with 1790 virtual recreations from the same angle.  This technique would be impossible in almost any other place in the city, because large buildings currently block ground-level sight lines.

Much thanks goes to Philip Thomas who did all of the modeling of the plantation, and to Lindsay Schroader who compiled all the GIS data.  This has been a major effort and many people have been extremely helpful.  Their names appear throughout the posts.


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