1790 Young Plantation: View from 9th Street Bridge

Aug 22 2011

The 9th Street Bridge over the SE Freeway offers a possible view of the plantation as a traveler approached it.  This view again highlights how much earth has been moved over the years.  Click the image or here to see the panorama. Take full advantage of the mapping and linking that the host site, 360cities.net, offers for each panorama.  You can quickly see where you are standing and observe what direction you are looking.  There are a total of four panoramas.  There is an earlier post that describes each one.


YES!  The trees lining the driveway look slightly weird.  There has been a lot of conjecture and growing consensus that the driveway was straight <link>.  Was it tree-lined and if so how old were the trees in 1790?  When would they have been planted?  In amidst this head-scratching, we selected a young tree, but then later scaled it up to the size of a more mature tree.  It can be changed at some later point, but first we would like to get more clarity on the type and size of these possible trees.  (Note: in the early 1800s, when Thomas Jefferson was president, he had Lombardy Poplars planted to line Pennsylvania avenue).



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